Mezzanine flooring

Why Choose Mezzanine Flooring?

“Mezzanines are perfect for creating additional storage or office space on an upper floor level. So you don’t have to move out – move up!”

Each mezzanine is designed and manufactured to suit your needs

  • We will handle Building Regulations for you so that you mezzanine conforms to relevant  safety regulations.
  • All mezzanine floors are installed by our trained professionals.
  • We take into account all site conditions such as safety, obstructions & access.
  • Floors can be fitted with Fire Protected ceilings & lighting below.
  • We are also able to design solutions for safe access to goods.
Mezzanine flooring

How much does a typical mezzanine cost?

We will provide a rapid quote based on your specific requirements. A basic mezzanine structure is available.


  • Single floor installed within the existing footprint of your building.
  • All floors are manufactured in the UK and conform to BS5950.
  • Installed by our SEIRS registered installers.

Recent Mezzanine Projects

Mezzanine flooring
Mezzanine flooring


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We can also design solutions for safe access to goods

Mezzanine flooring
Mezzanine flooring

There’s nothing more important in a warehouse or storage facility than maximising every inch of the space and while floor space may be limited, going vertical certainly provides you with plenty of opportunities. Our Design team has created and installed many different types of mezzanine floors and the result was always the same: a significant increase in storage capacity or office space. This is because our engineers design mezzanine flooring layouts that are bespoke to your needs, requirements and available space, following a site visit and survey. Therefore, you’ll benefit from a structure that will give you exactly what you need, without compromising on operational functionality at all.

We don’t just design raised storage solutions, but we also install mezzanine floors, handling all building regulations for you and working with SEIRS registered installers, so that you can rest assured that your new structure is perfectly safe. Mezzanine flooring is the ideal solution to increasing space by up to 100% without incurring the costs of relocation or building new storage facilities. They’re also hugely versatile, as you can use them not just as storage space, but also additional office or reception space, display outlet, material handling and automation premises and so on.

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